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Everyday we are confronted with 1000’s of different messages and make over 35 000 decisions each day. So how do you make your message stand out from the thousands we get to hear and see every day?

You may have noticed, that like Google Adwords, if you’re competitor spends more than you, your business gets bumped down the page. If someone buys a bigger TV campaign, yours is lost. So how do you make your business stand out if your marketing budget is not so big. That’s one of the great benefits of radio advertising. We can work with all size budgets, but like any media, frequency counts. The more often you get your message heard, the longer you advertise, the more effective your campaign will be. 

Radio can get people ‘googling’ your business name, not just what you do, so you get more direct hits on your website.

At Rebel Media, we work alongside our clients to make sure that their message ‘connects’. We use digital advertising alongside traditional advertising media like radio and print to get your customer where they live, work and play.

Return on Investment - don’t take our word for it
Independent studies show that radio advertising delivers an average return on investment (ROI) of +17%, more than online (14%) and TV (13%) Promote your business on radio and online - a strong two channel combination and get an average ROI of +23% 

If you’re unsure of how radio can work with your business, don’t take our word for it, make contact with our advertisers about their success stories and talk to them about working with radio and with Rebel FM and the Breeze.

Advertising is a long term investment. It’s like a fitness campaign for your business. If you want to build muscle or lose weight, it’s not something you do overnight. You need to invest the time over the long term to get results. Advertising is no different. Only 2% of the population will be ‘hot’ for your product, 8% will be warm and 90% will be cold. At some point, those warm clients will become hot and so will the cold client. You need to be persistent and build your brand so when they are hot, your business is on the tip of their tongue.

Lets use the example of a plumber. You don’t need a dishwasher or washing machine installed everyday, but when you do, who is going to come to mind? The plumber you’ve been hearing about on the radio. So when those people need to have a dishwasher installed, they’ve gone from cold to hot and you’re there ready to do business with them.
Call to Action or Branding?
Unfortunately we have created a ‘always on sale’ culture with consumers, so your offers have got to be bigger and better than your competitors or you need to understand you unique selling proposition to convince your customers to use your services over your competitors. 

You need to understand what it is that you do better than your competitors. What is it that you do differently? Ask yourself “what is it that we can offer our customers that our competitors can’t?”, “Why should people buy from us and not online?” These are the tough questions that our business consultants are trained to ask.

What do you want from your advertising? Do you want short term results or long term results? That’s the difference between call to action advertising and branding campaigns. With call to action you need to have a quick offer to get those hot buyers in straight away and to encourage warm buyers to buy before they are hot. Let me give you an example; I know that I want to buy a new fridge, but I am waiting until my tax return comes in. Suddenly an offer comes up that is unbeatable that makes me buy my fridge ahead of time. I am a warm buyer and I’ve been convinced to buy. Any return +3%-5% is great for a call to action campaign.

A branding campaign will keep your business name in the spotlight for the longer term, so when everyone turns hot, you’ll be top of mind. It’s an ongoing campaign that gets results in the long term.

Radio is cost effective, so for one price each month, we can keep your business brand top of mind.

We offer a free 30 minute customer needs analysis meeting with you to look at your business and work out a plan to take your business from zero to 100% in the long term. For more information about radio advertising fill in your details below and get started on bringing more customers in for your business.

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